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AHU Clip n Lockfrom Air Design

A revolutionary construction system for AHUs

AHU Clip n Lock vs Penta Post?


The traditional Penta Post design of an AHU joins panels together to form a box, using screws to secure them.


Whilst this works in principal, it is extremely time consuming to build, as each hole needs to be measured, pre-drilled, then a screw inserted. To remove a panel on a traditional unit, each screw needs to be removed, and that’s if you can access them.



AHU Clip n Lock panels simply clip together – No holes, no screws. You simply remove the synthetic cord which prevents the aluminium capping from moving on each panel. Once removed, the capping unlocks the panel so that it can be removed.

AHU Clip n Lock from AIR DESIGN has many benefits over traditional construction methods:


• Minimal Air Leakage

Apart from the obvious energy loss, air leaks cause condensation to occur.

AHU Clip n Lock’s revolutionary construction locks it tight.

It does away with traditional screw fixings, ensuring all panels fit tightly together.


• Rigid structure

“POSITIVE” pressure AHU’s are getting more and more popular. Therefore a rigid frame structure is more critical than ever before. AHU Clip n Lock has been tested for ‘Sheer’ and ‘Strain’ and has achieved superior results over traditional systems in all areas.


• Ease of Access / Maintenance

AHU Clip n Lock has a major advantage over traditional systems in that all of the panels within the unit can be removed extremely quickly.  This is particularly advantageous when there is a need to access the unit for servicing etc, as the time required to remove and replace the panel is negligible.  Removing a panel on a traditional system is extremely time consuming and in some cases impossible. TIME IS MONEY! With AHU Clip n Lock (in most cases) there is no need for strategically placed additional doors, removing further cost.


• 0% Z.O.D.P. panel (Zero Ozone Depleting Panels)

‘GREEN’ is becoming  more and more of a priority for Customers. AHU Clip n Lock

uses a new Z.O.D.P. panel, with a 0.5mm pre-painted metallic coated steel sheet inside and out.

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