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AirLink - VAV System
A Sustainable, cost saving solution

AirLink VAV system is a new and more flexible Variable Air Volume (VAV) system that is helping consultants and contractors take the next step in HVAC system efficiency, whilst having the potential to save on capital costs.

For the past 30 years VAV systems have been the preferred air distribution method. Traditionally these have incorporated an Air Handling Unit or Fan Coil Unit with AC fans. These units are connected to a high-pressure duct network that delivers air through an inefficient VAV box with a fixed geometry diffuser. EC fans have helped to improve the energy efficiency, but the system remains only moderately efficient and is limited in that it cannot be adapted to system layout changes and has the potential for noise issues.

Through the full integration of multiple technologies and low-pressure Static Regain Duct Design, minimises energy consumption and can provide capital savings in almost all HVAC system designs. The AirLink VAV system delivers a more efficient, more adaptive air distribution solution to help create a healthier, more comfortable indoor space. Capable of precise air delivery to every room, this flexible VAV system is easy to re-zone and changes to the system layout can be made quickly if required. 



 Key benefits

  • Capital savings are achievable when an AirLink VAV system is combined with Static Regain Ducting
  • System components matched for maximum energy efficiency
  • Adaptive solution means re-zoning and changes to system layout can be easily made
  • Compact design of AHUs makes them ideal for plant rooms with limited space
  • Helps create a more comfortable indoor space
  • Provides individual room comfort control
  • Minimises energy consumption by lowering running costs
  • Helps maintain a healthy and productive working environment
  • Compatible with most Building Management Systems
  • Precise control and monitoring of room air delivery   


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